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(Photos and information courtesy of Paul Green, Doncaster, UK.

History & Provenance
Originally purchased in 2009 from Fuller’s Guitars in Houston, Texas, and given that Houston is Billy Gibbon’s hometown, it’s very fitting. (I still have the original invoice.)

The Tone
As this is subjective and down to personal taste, it’s almost impossible to describe so, all I’ll say is that over the last decade, in my obsessive BFG tone quest, I’ve owned an additional five Pearly Gates – four ‘Aged and Signed’, and one VOS. I sold all the others and kept #23. Not that there was anything wrong with those instruments, but for me, this is the guitar which has got me closer to Billy’s tone, particularly those on the ‘Antenna’ and ‘Rhythmeen’ albums. It sustains so well and knocks out pinched harmonics with ease without having to dial-up the treble on your amp. I have included a link to an old YouTube video which demonstrates this going via my Dallas Rangemaster clone into a 1972 solid state HH IC100s amp with no other effects other maybe a touch of reverb.

Just because these guitars are expensive, does not necessarily mean they will sound any better than other standard production ’59 clones. However, now in my mid-60’s, I’ve owned far too many guitars over the years, including goodness knows how many Les Paul’s and this is the best one I’ve ever owned by some margin, as it ticks more boxes (for me) than any other.

Gibson Pearly Gates Features:
• Number 23 of 50
• Hand Signed & Numbered