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BG 119 “9 1171”
(All photos and information courtesy of BFG Guitars, out of Rome, Italy.)

This beauty started as a VOS Pearly Gates from Gibson Custom Shop.
This is an official Pearly Gates serial number BG119 (now 9 1171 like the real Pearly) that went through an Historic Makeover with a new brazilian board and the specific “Pearly Gates” pattern custom aging. You can see her on their website, the picture they use is from this same guitar.

If you’re asking yourself why I did that, why I wanted to modify a beautiful Pearly Gates VOS….well at the time I had four of them, a signed one, an aged one and two vos. It was and still is my favorite replica of a burst. I really wanted to have one with a Brazilian board, something I felt it was missing.

Just look at the pictures and you’ll certainly agree Kim and his guys did an amazing job with the makeover!!!!

  • FINISH – Historic Makeover Aged
  • Vintage Top Carve
  • Exclusive Nitro Refinish
  • Vintage Patina
  • Re-stamped Serial Number
  • Vintage Neck Profile
  • Hide Glue Neck Re-Set
  • Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Royalite Binding
  • Cellulose Nitrate Inlays
  • 6/6 Nylon Nut
  • Fret Dress / Pro Setup
  • Dave Stephens PAF replicas (Double whites)
  • Retrospec Long Bushings/Studs
  • Gibson Aged Lifton Case