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(Photos and information courtesy of Black Magic Guitars, out of San Jose, CA.) 

While this isn’t one of the 350 “Inspired By” models, I thought it was unique enough to be documented.

True Historic Billy Gibbons Proto #2. As we all know they went with the Carmelita Neck and Top Carve so this instrument is from a run that never happened.
If you’re into collecting Gibsons, Les Pauls and or Gibbons items this is a true 1 of 2. 

Specially designed custom buckers, all true historic parts, plastics and construction (look up TH, Gibson went down to the molecular level on these things). 
This is a monster guitar with a gorgeous top and tons of figure and movement. 
Very tastefully aged, very light checking and patina making this instrument a way more believable “relic” then the super razor checked out aged guitars from the CS.

• Number 2 of 2 prototypes